Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All In a Day's Work

This is our newly created blog. We are just a couple of best friends who have some pretty fantastic adventures. So, one day it hit us: let's share those adventures with the world. Because it's really cruel to keep them in the dark.
We don't really care how many people read these. We just love life and fell like it would be fun to share the joy we find in small things.
Some things you'll find in this blog: sillyness, the occasional reference to good looking males who will never look our way, an inhuman love for cookies, probably a Voldemort reference or two, life lessons we are learning on our journey to adulthood, and the struggles and joys we face in our walk with Christ and with the people He has put in our lives.
Because this is a shared blog, you as viewers will get a taste of both worlds. Some posts will be from Kenz, and some will be from Abbz. And if we're feeling especially crazy, you will hear from both of us at the same time. We will always sign our posts, because even though we are unique and different we share blaringly obvious similarities- like our love for cookies- and wouldn't want you to be stumbling in the dark like an elephant without an headlight.
Stay tuned for coming attractions!!!

~Abbz & Kenz
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