Thursday, August 1, 2013

Swooning Mooners at Mcdonalds

Hello from graduation- land! This is the place where people go after they graduate and become unmotivated to do anything and its fabulous! I kid, I kid. But really, it has been 6 months since the last time Kenz and I have blogged and it is entirely my fault. I've been meaning to blog about one of the best and worse nights in Kenz and I's high school experience but this thing called "getting ready to graduate high school" happened and if it wasn't school or work, I wasn't doing it. Thankfully though, the craze has died down and until I move to college(9 days away people) I am free to write to my hearts content! 
  Before I begin our epic tale, I'll give you a little taste of what its like to live the crazy, wonderful life of Mckenzie and Abby on a October Friday night during our Senior year. It means football, fast food,and best friends. Living in the humble town we do, football games are a big deal and alot of the town shows up for it. Naturally, this puts us fun- natured girls into a little bit of a high. So obviously, after a big game- we HAVE to do something afterwards. And while our town doesn't offer much, it does offer a booming fast food industry. Taco bell, KFC, Burgerville, McDonald's, we got it all. Being the boy- crazy, I mean food- loving girls we are, we have to stop by every one after a game, just to.... check out the... scenery. 
   After one particularly awesome game, Kenz, myself, and our crazy pal Sarah were ready for a night of fast food hopin. For a while, it seemed like the scenery was going to be less than glorious until we lapped McDonalds for a second time. Low and behold, we found exactly what we thought we were looking for(obviously I'm talking about french fries.) Once we each had a time to "use the restroom"(because we are completely coy) we got some attention from what turned out to be, our towns finest boys. They less than dashingly made it outside to our car and apparently thought they turned up their charm to 100% but I'm convinced they were using the charm meter of puss for their guide(not to be harsh or anything.) After some degrading, insulting comments on their part (the kicker being when they said they would throw Kenz into the trunk) I slammed the door and told Sarah to drive away. She did and we didn't get 10 feet away before one of these geniuses decided the moon wasn't bright enough that night and proceeded to give us a full view of his. Being the innocent girls we are, we were shocked. I was shocked, Kenz was shocked, and Sarah was DEF shocked. It got to the point we had to steer our fearless driver to pull on the side of the road because she kept yelling "I JUST SAW A BOYS BUTT" followed by high pitched shrieks. Needless to say, our night was continued by spiels and spiels of laughter. Some of it was nervous laughter because we had just seen way to much of the male anatomy but mostly because with these girls, its hard not to always be laughing. They are the most wonderful, hilarious, fun oriented girls I know and being with them is always a time to be reckoned with. And even though we are all heading off to new adventure, I pray we still have a few left together. 

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